Worst team in the wcc

So I have some thoughts at halftime. Great start for BYU, in spite of the fact that Cannon and Worthington are out there. I still maintain that Luke is not a D-1 level player yet Rose continues to play him and actually thinks he is an important part of the team. I guess that is what happens when you make a hack one of your team captains.

So anyhow, good start and then reality set in when BYU shows they aren’t as good as they think they are. They start well, get cocky and eat some humble pie. That is never going to change. Emery, lose the skunk tail hair do, you look ridiculous.

It is really important that Rose doesn’t play Hardnett. He needs to send him a message and be firm, let him know who the boss is, etc. What a crock.

I am confident BYU will win this game but it will do nothing for them going forward. They are so wrapped up in themselves… hero ball, etc. it is obvious how much Haws and Emery struggle with not being the man every game. As Emery continues to get more minutes it will become even more obvious.

Good effort to start followed by a reality check. BYU by at least 20.

BYU wins by 23, which I said they would. Overall I guess this is a good game. I feel bad for Hardnett. I appreciate the fact that he decided to stick around but his career at BYU is over. Rose will see this win, against the worst team in the league, as some sort of turning point and because Jashire wasn’t a part of it will relegate him to low end substitute status.

Likewise Rose probably thinks the reason they haven’t done well is because Emery hasn’t been on the team the entire year. That would be a misheld belief as well.

I hope the team does well because it is BYU and I want them to be successful. I just wish it wasn’t more of the same thing we’ve seen for the last several years even though I know it is and will be.

Hardnett didn’t play because he has a brace on his wrist from an injury. He wasn’t benched because of what happened. But facts don’t matter :-/~

There was some hero ball when the starters all got in foul trouble and the subs started shooting without working the offense. Had you not gone immediately to the bathroom and listened to Rose at halftime you would know that. Now that I got you up to date, the main problem was bricking layups. We missed at least 10 layups.

Actually, Hardnett did not play because his hand was injuried…

which begs the question, was hardnett really going to transfer (no show at practice on Monday and Tuesday) and someone decided to make it a story?

Was he simply dealing with his hand issue and did not feel like he could practice with it?

Interesting that several of us know blow by blow what happened to Jashire this week and the rest of you are not only throwing things out there, but now questioning whether the entire story was made up.

I will tell you some of the facts that have already been shared but you will have to get Tom L to tell you the story IF he cares to.

This all started when Rose dressed down Hardnett in front of the team and in front of his family, after the Miss State technical foul. The game at MS was expressly for Hardnett and he had over 40 family members who had driven the 4 hr drive to watch him. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back

Fact: Hardnett, like the rest of us resented that Emery, a criminal, basically did the same thing and was not benched or dressed down in front of the team. Emery, a criminal, gets played ahead of the hard working black kid.

Fact: Rose loves his favorites and plays them ahead of much better players, never mind that everyone on the team knows and thereby keeps a LOW profile ……or just transfers as in Chatman, Dastrup etc.

How do you become a favorite? Do exactly what Rose says, never show your true character or you will not play.

Fact: Rose is intimidated by players that stand up for themselves when they see BS or call BS.

Lastly, BYU has a “Good ol Boy” network going on. Rose gets rewarded a new contract for basically running the program into the dirt. You can’t tell me that with the workout facility, the Marriott, our contracts with ESPN and a worldwide instant network, the church, feeding you recruits, that you couldn’t produce top 25 teams?

There is no hero ball going on out there unless you want to call Emery jacking up a long one before the rest of the team gets back.

What is obvious is that when TJ or YO get into foul troubles and have to sit, BYU can’t stay in games. Without Yo in the post, BYU has 0 inside game, that is a no brainer.
Nixon, 10 mins-0 points
Worhtington, 11 mins-2 points
Lee, 10 mins-0 points
Baxter, 10 mins-3 points

Without TJ driving or creating, you would have to relay on Jashire (oh, wait, Rose has a beef with him). Emery is a finisher who does not pass much and the others just are not that good with the ball.
TJ, 23 mins- 7 assists
Cannon, 36 mins-4 assists (had his best game as a coug. but Portland is pathetic)

Notice, Terry Porter, head coach does not start his son, F Porter, but F Porter lead the team with 14 pts

Can you show me one post from you, Tom or whoever that has stated on this board a “Blow by Blow” of what happened?

So your post Chris comes off as a bit arrogant and condescending.

I have access to some people on the football side, but not on the basketball side of BYU sports.

Here is the rub, people especially fans of a sports team will put out their opinions as if they are facts about the team. It has been proven many times on this site alone.

I saw nothing that indicated someone had inside knowledge, but I did see a lot of conjecture based on news reports.

So I asked the question, What was the real reason Hardnett did not show up to practice early the week.

Second… Your classification of Emery as being a criminal is pretty outrageous, inaccurate and above all WRONG!

Did Emery get convicted of some crime? NO!, therefore he is not a “criminal” as you referred to him twice in your post. Talk about judging others… WOW!

Did Emery violate NCAA rules? YES! he did… He withdrew from school, sat out 9 games which is what the NCAA said was adequate punishment.

Here is the thing brought out on sports talk about Emery violation, it was reported that the father in law to Emery shopped this story for over a year trying to get back at Emery for divorcing his daughter. The only outlet that would pick it up was the Tribune after they initially declined (Knowing this is a family issue). Add to the fact that the alleged booster also is a close family friend of the Emery’s. So it was not really clear that Emery knowingly violated the rule, because it was pretty gray area (According to several sports talk guest analysts).

Was Emery stupid? Yes, he should have known better, but then again… I see a lot of stupid things by people in Utah that should know better, but still proceeds in being stupid.

About “FACT”, unless you are willing to site your source, it is still considered “OPINION” or Observation in my opinion. Sorry, I have seen some really good coaches get dismissed because someone stated their “Facts” which turned out to be false.

Coaches playing favorites is as common as the common cold. Coaches all over the world plays favorites for many different reasons and the ones left out complains. Fact of life, it sucks, but it happens.

Look I am not saying what you posted is false, but I take offense to being called out because you had more information than I did, failed to post said information and expected me to know all this stuff.

The timing of the “issues” with Hardnett and Hardnett having a hand injury was just curious to me.

Last thing, the real problem with sports is the snowflake athletes who can’t handle any type of adversity. Poor Harnett (if what you said is accurate), Coach Rose dressed him down in public… boo hoo… his feeling got hurt. What a shame… I for one is sick of the snowflake mentality of the younger generation. Hell my coach called me out in front of an assembly once… I didn’t go run and hide, I took it like a man, figured the coach knew more than I did, and changed my behavior. What’s funny? I was not even a starter…

If that bothered Hardnett, the kid does not have a prayer in the NBA… I knew a player on the Jazz back in the glory days… Jerry Sloan (Now Popivich) was legendary for his dress down of players, Stockton got it, Malone got it, right down to the 12th man on the bench. Can you image today’s players dealing with Sloan? They would melt.

Bravo! Bravo! Fantastic post Floyd Edwards!
Funny you should stress dressing down players when they respond improperly. I do that in here when I think players and coaches are improperly being judged. And, I get it upside the head back just like the youth today that can’t take it. Now, I know people try to do some of it back at my narcissism at times. But I’m simply rejecting the factless attacts on other people like players, coaches, referees. Commissioners and professional leagues. Someone has to and I’m glad to see you do it with Emery, Hardnett and Rose.

Again, this was by far your best post ever! :hugs:

I read what you have to say, read everything in your post. You are a passionate fan and mostly dead on when you write things so I will respond

You have said that you have contacts on the football team. I have contacts on the basketball team.
I attend practices several times a year, Rose does not let anyone into practices. I get there because of a NBA scout/coach who I fish with
Floyd, You do not divulge your contacts, I will not either, they would cease to be a contact, So that’s all you get.

You suggested that the Hardnett transfer was made up. I wrote the Facts because I am tired of hearing that Hardnett is this or that.

Losing a hard working (non LDS) great black kid to Emery, a dishonest cheat, who not only was accepted back on the team but gets to play ahead of Hardnett is a public relations nightmare. Outside of BYU in the recruiting world, this a complete disaster and had if been left up to Rose, Hardnett was gone.

The situation is fluid, not a done deal as there are still things to be resolved in terms of ROse and Hardnett. That is all I will say for now.

Hardnett looked fine on the bench. Even with Emery. It’s time for the rest of us to drop it. Hardnett didn’t play due to the injury. Emery is here to stay. Let’s make things better by acting like Hardnett did last night and be totally supporting to Emery.

No I did not “suggest”, what I was suggesting using the term “it begs the question”, is questioning the timing of the two events.

I truly did not know anything else about the issue outside of what was posted, and with the current news media, they seem to always want to “create” news. So I figured someone on the board might know detail.

My main complaint Chris is that you attacked me for posting my question. I don’t follow basketball as close as I do football. So I really never heard of the “dress down in Mississippi” issue.

Whether you like Rose or not, really does not matter. What matters is what Tom Holmoe and the BOT think.

You do realize that there are other players “cheating” on the basketball team, right? they are not being reported at the time for whatever reason. this is according to Sports Talk Radio…

Like who else is cheating and what are they cheating about?

I hate to say it Fish but there are a lot of ignorant people on this board and you just have to deal with them. At the top of the list is grasshopper. He wouldn’t know a basketball from a golf ball until it hit him between the eyes and then he would still argue about it.

Floyd and Scott both said “too bad for Hardnett getting dressed down in front of his family and friends” because neither of them understands the principle of hypocrisy, of special treatment for some and not others, etc. To coin a tactic used by grasshopper frequently, is that how the Lord does it in his church? The answer is NO.

A person should treat everyone around them, regardless of whether they favor them or like them or disdain them, with equal respect and dignity.

I know exactly what you are saying Chris and I get it. I just had to let you know that a lot of people don’t and some never will.

Carry on.

Rose said something to Hardnett about something he did on the floor. Hardnett reacted with a smart allec response that was insubordinate. Rose felt an immediate correction was needed. I agree with him. Perhaps he should have sent him to the Locker room. But with his friends and family there he let him stay on the bench. Rose didn’t do anything wrong. Hardnett did and he’s realized his mistake and Rose handled the situation. See what happens tomorrow night.

Typical disagreement from you that has no basis in fact or reality.

The schtick is old man, it’s old.

Try coaching at a higher level than elementary school. Then you may have a better understanding:-)

Thanks Hawks. As both Tom and I agree on, you have to have kids that will go to war for you. When a Coach plays favorites (and every coach does to some extent) there has to be merit not bias, Rose has broken that rule and Hardnett called him on it. Rose still has the kids playing for him BUT there are some big leaks in the dam (or why would there be articles being pushed out there about how Rose has team unity this week)

sometimes you really need to stop judging people. You say I don’t understand basketball, I would match knowledge to yours any day. I just don’t have the same opinion.

second, If you read my post, I said if it upset hardnett with what Rose did, he won’t stand a chance in the NBA. I was talking about overcoming a bad situation with a positive response (Hardnett would need to decide that). not run and pout about it.

I believe that with most things in life, you just need to adjust and move forward.

as for your comment about church, I have personally been “dressed down” by members on one than more occasion. so to say it doesn’t happen, it erroneous.

look, in life nothing is equal nor fair, how you react to things reveals what your metal is made of.

Thanks for your input Floyd. I wish things were so black and white and wouldn’t it be nice if we were all dealt the same deck of cards so we could react appropriately? Or as you said, adjust and move forward?

Where did I say that being dressed down doesn’t happen?

You are right about life, nothing is equal nor fair, moreso for some people than others. Some people are dealt way more crap than others… way more… and even when they try to adjust and move on, the future is full of even more crap.

How do you explain or justify that? There is no explanation… or justification.

I can’t explain it Jim, all I know is I only have control over how I choose to react to anything.

right now, I am dealing with so much crap(as you call it) it would make your head spin. things I don’t talk about, because it really does no good, it actually might make it worse.

but let me assure you it is all life changing events.

maybe sometime when you are in Utah, we can get together and if I can get through this crap, I can tell you about it. I think you are the type who would understand.

what is funny to me is that I mentioned the timing of the injury and a report he was leaving. I got jump all over about it, but you mention timing and you are given a pass.