Wow... The night before the beginning of the season

And this board is as dead as I have ever seen it…

No speculations…
No season predictions
No Scott and Floyd Discussions

Thank you owners of this fine website that we can now use it on our phones and ipad’s… No one likes it, and most have left it…

Right Floyd. I have no idea why this site is so dead. Football! Tomorrow! Wake up peeps.

I have been checking my channel guide for weeks to see when the BYU/AZ would show up so I could set the dvr…I am pumped for the season…prediction BYU 27 AZ 23

I am bummed, I have to watch this one on the DVR after the game. I will have to tell all it is a media blackout for me. I am excited, but the older I get watching the game is more about spending time with family. I hope we have a convincing win, but I will settle for any win against a P5 team this season. If anyone is out this way, the Fort Collins Temple is amazing. My dream is that CSU or Air Force and BYU are the picks for Big 12 expansion. That way I can see them every other year.

Go Cougs

8:30 pm…on FoxSports … Tvo’d it already… work in the Temple Saturday nights…

I am going BYU 42 Arizona 35…

The board died off after the permanent switch to the new format, and then REALLY died after basketball season ended this year. I hoped that things would pick up as we hit fall camp, but…you can all see for yourselves that this place is just dead. Most of the regulars from past seasons don’t post anymore.

But on a positive note, I’m calling this one 45-31, BYU. We will run the ball all over this defense. I expect a punt on the first drive as a false start penalty kills an otherwise very successful drive.

BYU 45 and Ariz. 31

BYU 17, AZ 14. Offenses are usually behind defenses the first game.

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Agreed about this so call new board (joke). I like it when it comes to my iphone and ipad but sometime it wouldn’t show on my devices. Like I use to get all the Cougars News (System) and now no longer getting them except I have to go online to CougarFan News. Yes, after the basketball was over, all went dead. And as Grasshopper and other have said when they make a new subject then some reason someone in the CougarFan dept made it DEAD or no more comment after no comment some 5 minutes.

Anyway, I am ready for tomorrow night game. Prediction, BYU WINS! Sorry, not too crazy to predict score but many of you which I agree will be high number scores.


I think BYU wins 24-17. I agree with MikeH that the offenses tend to get a slow start. I’m watching Stanford and K-State and the offenses are struggling…

Good to see that Mike put his pants back on… after all it is football season.

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I thought you were gone and wouldn’t come back. Good to see you posting again. :relaxed:

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My theory for so little posted since Fall camp is that we have had closed practices. Nada! Zilch! All the newspapers are just hashing and rehashing the same old quotes and same old stories. I can’t make any predictions because I haven’t seen anything yet. I hope BYU wins and I’m excited to see who emerges as playmakers this year.

I never left, just didn’t feel the need to post. There have been some good off topic discussions on the board, but as a bit of a social liberal I didn’t feel the need to be torn down by posting my thoughts. Been down that road too many times. It is funny, I have checked this board daily since 2004. I too miss many of the old timers we lost with the change.


Well, Houston beats #3 Oklahoma and that is going to play strong in their bid to join the big 12. If Houston gets in, the likelihood of BYU also getting in goes down.

It isn’t like BYU was really a strong candidate in the first place.

34-28, BYU, in OT. We will have a difficult time with the Arizona offense, but they will have a tougher time stopping Taysom and the new offense. Arizona turnovers will factor in.

from what I have been reading BYU and Houston are the two front runners right now.

Cincy and Memphis are the other two strong candidates.

the thing that the Big12 also is looking at is drawing power and regional access, which BYU is strong in both areas.

every predictor I have read says BYU will get invited, but until you see it, it is all guess work right now.

If they are going to base their decision on candidates that beat the top Big 12 teams, then BYU is still tops in that category as well.

No one knew what to expect-now we know

I have a couple of thoughts on the game. First BYU fans rock! BYU outnumbered the Arizona fans. I hope the Big 12 is taking notice. Plus, BYU knocked-off another P5 school. Kudos to Houston but don’t count BYU out of the Big 12 picture just yet. And don’t forget the strength of our other sports programs. Congrats to the women soccer team for knocking of the defending national champs.

Congrats to Jake Oldroyd for his late game heroics. My favorite tweet of the day “this is the droid you were looking for.” On the second to last drive that stalled and gave Arizona the ball back and a chance to take the lead. Hill stood in the pocket on the third down play. If he makes the first down, BYU avoids giving the ball back to Arizona and has a chance to run out the clock. As that third down developed, Hill had a lane to run but chose to stay in the pocket and look for a receiver. At the time, I was wishing he had run because there was a lane open. The pass was low percentage and we gave Arizona the ball back which they quickly moved for their last score and first lead of the game. It almost cost us for giving the ball back. I understand that Hill wants to get the ball in the hands of other playmakers but I also miss his own playmaking ability. Will he play a little less conservatively next game? Who knows? Overall, I was very pleased with the defense and I do think Hill will improve as he settles into the new offense.

Has Hill lost a step or two? It looked to me like that on TV but TV can be deceiving. Just a question, that’s all.